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Why the EC method?

What makes the EC method different?

This isn’t an 8 week shred.


The EC method is about living your life while getting results.


We understand that knowing what to do is only half the battle. You have to implement it too and that is where coaching comes in.


We help our clients unpick years of diet culture messaging and unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies.


We don’t want you to get results for 8 weeks, we want you to get results for life.


Our aim is that this is the last diet you ever do. 

Do you want results that last?

Do want food freedom?


Do you want to be able to eat with your friends and family, go on holidays without freaking out, enjoy the foods you love while working towards your goals?


Well not only is it possible - it’s realistically the only way you will ever get results.

Life isn’t going to stop for you to lose fat. (nor would you want it to - life is for living!)


If you are sick of always feeling like you’re on a diet or feeling guilty for not being on a diet then the EC method is for you.

Why should you join?

How do I know this is real?

Look at the 1,000s of women we have helped get results.

Real women, real results. No fads, no bullshit.

& the truth is, it doesn’t take 8 weeks - most of our clients who have got the biggest results (both physically and mentally) have stayed with us much longer than 8 weeks.

Click here to see just some of our results & testimonials.

You’re probably scared that this is just another diet you’ll spend money on and not get results from.


We are determined for that not to be the case.


That requires some commitment from you.


This time we want you to promise that if you struggle you reach out, when you inevitably have a wobble you look for solutions not excuses and that you commit to the end goal while excepting that there will be ups and downs along the way and not using it as a reason to give up.


The reason people don’t meet their fat loss goals is because they give up. It’s not an ability problem - you are completely capable.


You’ve likely just chosen sh*t diets in the past that set you up for failure.

Ones that are over restrictive, lack support, have end diets, don’t offer long term support & have no mention of maintaining your results.

You’re not the problem, they are

What's holding me back?

Why should you trust us?

We have 25 years experience combined. We have worked with over 8,000 women.


We are honest, transparent & real (have a listen to the podcast - what you see (hear) is what you get with us)


More importantly, we care.


We love what we do, we want the best for all of our clients & the fact that so many of our clients never leave is proof we must be doing something right!


We don’t want to see women feel like they have to avoid life in order to lose fat, feel tapped by their diets, avoid social occasions because of the way they look.


We believe life is too short for that.


Let us show you how incredibly empowering diet & exercise can be when you do it right.

Your initial targets are set based on your starting point & goals.


There are home, gym and home weighted options for workouts.


We also set you calorie, protein, fat and some general nutrition targets.


The real magic isn’t the above - it’s how to get you to stick to these. That is where coaching comes in.


Chloe & Emma are active in the group daily - simply tag them in them fo feedback/ input/ reassurance.


There are also lives twice a week to delve deeper into questions and topics.

How does it work?

How can I get started?

Join the waiting list!


Sign ups open for 2 weeks before each round.


We cap numbers to make sure that coaching quality stays high. If you’re on the waiting list you will be first to hear about when the next intake opens.


Intakes run everything 9 weeks - this allows us to focus on what we do best - coach!

Realistically.. £189 (or £199 if you miss the early bird offer)


(we said we wouldn’t bullshit you).


This isn’t a passive investment where you can just pay some money and do nothing. You have to put in the work.


- if you commit to this it will be the best investment you ever make.


If you don’t it will be a complete waste of money.


You also have to consider what you have to lose by staying where you are. If you aren’t happy at the moment then there is a high cost to not signing up, not changing and staying where you are too. 

What do I have to lose?

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