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Do I need access to the gym?

No! We have gym, home and home equipment training options. They are all scalable and we start where you are comfortable and work from there.

It isn't about where you start. It is about where you want to end up!

Can I do my own training?


If there are specific types of exercise you enjoy (certain classes, running, sports etc) then we certainly don't want to take that away from you. 

Just make sure we know your training load so we can adjust nutrition and advice to best suit you.

There as also people who are joining purely for the diet side of this, and that is perfectly okay, too!

How is the nutrition structured?

You will have personal calorie and protein targets specific to your goals. 

Plus, a few other targets for health.

You will also have example meal plans, food bibles, files, and our own 'hybrid system' (balancing tracking with a structured meal plan). 

Doing this will give you the best of both worlds.

Tracking can be daunting initially, so we won't be throwing you in at the deep end. 

You will be fully supported every step of the way.

Remember to tag us and ask your questions!

Do I need to be fit already?

Absolutely not! That is why you have us.

We will support and challenge you no matter your starting fitness level.

EVERYONE is welcome here :)

Will I be well supported?


We do 2 lives a week in the group and on the podcast.

We also spend hours a day answering questions on the Facebook group. You will certainly be well supported.

I am menopausal - can you help?


We understand that this is simultaneously the hardest and most important time to look after your health.

Here are what our menopausal client's have to say about their experience...

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